Games - New Kids On The Block

Hallo sahabat Buku Lagu, saat ini kamu berada di situs yang tepat untuk membaca artikel dengan judul : Games - New Kids On The Block, yang saat ini sedang kamu cari. Semoga artikel lirik lagu berikut ini, sesuai dengan apa yang kamu cari, dan dapat menghibur serta bermanfaat.
Somebody said somebody wouldn't last too long, somebody's still going strong.
Somebody said somebody was all a front, somebody's still talking junk.
Think of what you say, think of what you do,
think of what you try to put us through.
We're just singing our song.
When you put us down, it ain't gonna get you nowhere.
We're positive and no matter what you think we really care.
Oh, ee, oh, oh, oh, games, games, games, games, games.

Somebody said somebody worked too hard, somebody gotta charm some hearts.
Somebody said everybody's gonna wait and see, what's gonna be is gonna be.
Think of 

Games, oh, ee, oh, oh, oh, games, games, games, games, games.
Yeah, people keep on fronting on the Beantown posse,
but it's time to step up to the stand,
'cause we ain't going out like that.
Back, huh, stronger than ever, did you think we'd sever?
Never, we're too clever to be taken down clown
by your ignorant state of mind, I ain't blind but
every time I look I find you dissin' a mission that
strictly be righteous, we gotta fight this so now I think I might just
take a stand, man, like never before, and I'm sure
that we'll endure so now it's time to even the score
I hear you knocking me but you ain't shocking me
'cause jealousy is telling me that you're just jocking me
so keep on talking skee, with pride I'm walking see,
because on anybody's block is where I'm gonna be rockin' gee.
Don't play those games, oh, ee, oh, oh, oh, stop playing those games.

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